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Pictures paint a thousand words, and eloquence, when used correctly, is more powerful than any fist or sword.

On Holiday This Week!

Sorry guys- there won’t be any posts this week! I’m having a little break while I sort myself out with my new job.

Macmillan Fundraiser: Win this Fun Lovin’ Criminals T-Shirt!


It’s been a couple of weeks since we had a proper update about the fundraiser- sorry about that! It’s been a bit hectic while prints have been packaged and sent off, and I’ve been trying to keep track of all of your generous donations. Thankfully, the financial side of things has been taken care of straight away by JustGiving, which means I can already see a total so far:


Finally, we want to…

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Tattoo Discrimination Debate Continues


For years now, the idea of discrimination against those who have tattoos has inspired many a debate. I’m pretty sure you’ll have even seen things on this site before about it if you’ve been reading for a long time. Lately, the debate has been re-opened in mainstream media, after a couple of people have been treated differently in bars or at work, just because they have tattoos. It’s a real shame,…

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10th London Tattoo Convention: September


The first press release for the London Tattoo Convention has been released and sent over to me (thanks Roland!), and it looks like it’ll be the best convention they’ve ever held. The show, which takes place on the 26th-28th of September at Tobacco Dock, has some of the best tattooers in the world all working there. This is a show where you need to be invited to work there, so only the best are on…

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No Class: At least They’re Honest


I saw something on the Needles and Sinswebsite today about a ‘free DIY tattoo shop’ today that I really hope doesn’t start a trend. The ‘shop’, called No Class, is a place where people can come in and tattoo themselves for free. I’m all about people doing whatever they want to do, and I love it when people express themselves freely, but when you’ve got the owner in an interview saying that the…

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What Is This Untitled Documentary?

Screenshot (53)

My pal Dave Winn sent me a message yesterday with a Vimeo link in it for an ‘untitled tattoo documentary’ trailer. The trailer, from a Vimeo page called , features Kate Hellenbrand mostly, talking about the controversy regarding Sailor Jerry rum. We’ve heard about this quite a lot in the past on this site over the last four-or-so years, and it seems like to some people this is…

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The Robin Hood Tattoo Festival- This Month!


A new tattoo convention in Nottingham is just about to have its first ever show, and it looks absolutely fantastic. On the 30th and 31st, the Robin Hood Tattoo Festival will be taking place, with a large proportion of the profits donated to our favourite charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

The artist list for this looks amazing; here it is:

Andy Walker – Creative Vandals
Ben Stone – Lifetime Tattoo

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Missing: Joe Myler

Important news from Love Hate Cork: Attention Cork City!!! One of the guys that just started working here at Love Hate Cork, Joe Myler from Waterford is missing since Monday.

Free Tattoo Lessons: WHY?


There’s a news story from the Daily Mail that you guys have been sending over to me quite a lot. Admittedly, I try to keep away from the Daily Mail, because it makes me angry when I read their usual closed-minded bullshit. This time though, I actually agree with it. They’ve published a story onlineabout an anti-poverty programme in Wales that has a new course in teaching the unemployed how to…

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"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world" -Robin Williams

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world" -Robin Williams