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Pictures paint a thousand words, and eloquence, when used correctly, is more powerful than any fist or sword.

Following on from the popularity of Rat’s Great Omi painting for the Macmillan Fundraiser, you all may be happy to hear that Rat has even more paintings for you. These paintings are all for sale, and they’re really beautiful.

It’s great when tattooers sell their paintings, because it’s a great way to have some work from them when you can’t necessarily travel for a tattoo! These ones are all really colourful and big, ranging from huge abstract patterns to newer versions of the Great Omi. There’s something here for everyone, so I would recommend you check them all out. To see them all and find out how to get your hands on them, click here! You can also see some of them below:

Paintings by Rat Following on from the popularity of Rat’s Great Omi painting for the Macmillan Fundraiser, you all may be happy to hear that Rat has even more paintings for you.
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Normally, when I hear that one of the major TV channels has a new show about tattooing, I die a little inside. This isn’t because I’m some kind of elitist or anything, I just feel like major media outlets get tattooing wrong more often than they get it right. Once in a blue moon though, I can happily hold my hands up and say that I’m wrong.

Channel 4 has a new series online, full of super short…

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Bold as Brass Disney Fundraiser!

Alex Strangler

As you may have already noticed before on this blog, Bold as Brass had a Disney themed fundraiser, in aid of Aldder Hey Childrens Hospital, in Liverpool. The fundraiser took place over the weekend, and it looked absolutely fantastic! There was a lot of tattooing taking place, a lot of nails painted, and a lot of t-shirts sold.

The guys involved posted up some astounding work on their Instagram…

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If you’re anything like me, you check Instagram before you even get out of bed in the morning. If you’re a normal and sane person, though, you probably don’t, but still think Instagram is cool. As far as tattooing goes, it seems to have become the favoured place for tattooers to instantly show the tattoos they’re working on before their client leaves the shop. It’s a really great platform to use,…

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Various Failures

The guys at MVL have put together a new photo book about life in the shop. The shop in Leeds is home to…

New Tattoosday UK Project- Be a Part of This!

After having a week off, and being able to have a think about the direction of this blog and what we want to do next, I have a new project in the works.

Hey guys I’m back. I couldn’t wait to get back today, because I have some really cool things to show you!

On Holiday This Week!

Sorry guys- there won’t be any posts this week! I’m having a little break while I sort myself out with my new job.

Macmillan Fundraiser: Win this Fun Lovin’ Criminals T-Shirt!


It’s been a couple of weeks since we had a proper update about the fundraiser- sorry about that! It’s been a bit hectic while prints have been packaged and sent off, and I’ve been trying to keep track of all of your generous donations. Thankfully, the financial side of things has been taken care of straight away by JustGiving, which means I can already see a total so far:


Finally, we want to…

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Tattoo Discrimination Debate Continues


For years now, the idea of discrimination against those who have tattoos has inspired many a debate. I’m pretty sure you’ll have even seen things on this site before about it if you’ve been reading for a long time. Lately, the debate has been re-opened in mainstream media, after a couple of people have been treated differently in bars or at work, just because they have tattoos. It’s a real shame,…

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